You will survive...  {a Hunter x Hunter fanfic.}

You will survive... {a Hunter x Hunter fanfic.}

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After 5 months that Gon and Killua parted away something really unexpected happens ... Something that makes Gon sees his mistake putting his friend's life on the line between life and death.... Something that will make the four of them be reunited together... Something that can change their lives forever.
Without any OCS...well only a minor one to give some conflict....
I'll try my best!

{To Be Edited Soon}

--some chapters are really really bad since I rushed a lot through them and English is not my first language but now I've gotten better at it. I've published another story that can be used as what I really wanted to happen in this story. The name is I'm Okay Now a hxh Fanfic----

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What's up? Hm let's see...the sky...the ceiling...clouds...birds...trees...
(≧▽≦) 'Who's Leorio' xD lol I know she didn't actually know but the thought of not knowing who leorio is makes it funnier. 
                              In all the stories I read it's either Leorio is last stated or forgotten so it's too funny XD
gulps i just read a fanfic yestarday in which killua dies i think ill stop hee for now and continue later tehehe*laughs nervously* because i cant cry right now
galaxyinthesea galaxyinthesea Oct 21, 2014
cool! can't wait! can't wait! can't wait for the next chapter!
iYazzie iYazzie Oct 21, 2014
*-*. Update! I really love this. xD. I made a few mistakes but, eh. x.x. Sorry for the bad beta quality.
DarlingfedzDls DarlingfedzDls Oct 17, 2014
hi dear!!! I'm sorry for the late read as promised... I was just stuck with my two nieces here... but anyways, your story is great! I find it very much interesting... keep on updating... :)