The Alpha's Bad Girl

The Alpha's Bad Girl

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Ty By tybabyp300 Updated Oct 23, 2017

"Your mine." He growled. 

"Listen here bucko. I don't who you think you are, but I am not 'yours' so back off." I pushed him off of me and walked away. 

A hand grabbed my wrist and yanked back into a firm chest. Our fronts touching as his lips nearly met mine. 
"Oh. But you are." He whispered. And then he kissed me.

Heather just moved to the small town of Greenville. She was considered "troubled" to most people. Never listening to teachers and always breaking the rules. After a while of putting up with her shenanigans, her mother sent her to live with her father. 

But this small town isn't what it seems. Secrets, darkness, and lies isn't such a good combination. Beware of the secrets that Heather can't stop herself from finding. It doesn't help that the mysterious Tristan has a sudden interest in her. 

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trblumr trblumr Mar 09
I want to read this, but it'll be awkward since my name is actually Tristin.
Sahra_Almosadder Sahra_Almosadder May 01, 2016
If your talking about South Carolina I live like an hour or so away from there
tybabyp300 tybabyp300 Dec 27, 2014
@__StayStrong__Babes Yeah, I'm trying to be as diverse as possible. I want to appeal to ALL types of audiences.
AshleyXOCiara AshleyXOCiara Dec 27, 2014
I love your other story The Color of Love. I'm glad your not an author that writes about only interracial, you mic it up. I can't wait till you update this, amazing so far.