Being Cameron Dallas's Little Sister (Hayes Grier Fanfic)

Being Cameron Dallas's Little Sister (Hayes Grier Fanfic)

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Kristy's "step"brother Cameron Dallas is famous from doing crazy stuff online. When his other friends come into the picture, along with a band Kristy's in love with, what happens? Will the boys get split up? Will Cam and Kristy get closer, or fall apart? Do the boys get feelings for Cams little sister? Find out and read the book!


1st book.

I'm so sorry for your loss even tho I'm just sending this 3 years laters but 
                              (cue Matthews voice in that vine)YAAAAAAAAASSSSS 5SOS IS IN THIS I OFFICIALLY ALREADY LOVE U CAUSE U LIKE THE MAGCON BOYS AND 5SOS
7hayes 7hayes Dec 25, 2015
At first I took it like he was serious when he called her sl*t but then it said joked-my heart still hurts from imagining him saying that.
pineapplefarm pineapplefarm Aug 16, 2015
That would be hard losing a close one 
                              I'm sorry for your loss
Fan_Girl_Over_Here Fan_Girl_Over_Here Aug 09, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you are still doing good( even tho this happened last year) ❤️❤️❤️
suavehayes suavehayes Jul 26, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss. Hope you feel better.(even tho this happened last year I'm still sorry) Best wishes for you.
madi_graceeee madi_graceeee Feb 24, 2015
I am sooo sorry for you.... My mom had breast cancer 3 years ago and now it is back but in her spine so I kind of know how you feel. 
                              Just know I'm here for you lovely