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Percy Jackson and the Avengers { ON HOLD }

Percy Jackson and the Avengers { ON HOLD }

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Faith ;) By united_under_skyfall Updated Apr 20, 2015

When S.H.I.E.L.D. catches wind of a certain kid who had numerous 'accidents' but was never arrested, they decide to investigate. They take up the case and find him with a bunch of friends. Thinking this was going to be easy, they were so, so, dead wrong. They threw everything they had at them, but they had no idea who their new captives were.


Okay, just to let you guys know, I'm literally never going to update this again. I started writing this when I had absolutely no grasp on my writing style (like half of my other stories on here) and it turned out horribly. I gave myself absolutely no plot line and was completely winging it, there's no good descriptive parts, thought lines, elaborated emotions, or anything remotely salvageable from it. It's extremely cliche, the grammar and spelling are horrible, it's unrealistic, even the spacing of the words bothers me, and it constantly switches POVs in a way that's annoying, unnecessary and hard to keep track of. Not to mention, I have such a bad memory I wouldn't be able to remember to update regularly anyways. It's honestly just plain awful and not something you should read if you're looking for something worth your while. It makes me cringe when I go back and look at it. Please don't send me anymore ideas or character requests, because there's no chance of them making cameos now that I've decided to stop it, and even if I was to try to incorporate your ideas or save this story, it would have to go through a major editing process before I even considered starting it, after which it would be completely unrecognizable, and frankly, I don't have the time, the interest, the drive or the patience to go through such a thing. It's highly unlikely I'll ever even consider picking up the initiative for writing this story again. Sorry!

nalutogetherforever nalutogetherforever May 18, 2016
I think we can all agree that the world's best heroes are NOT the Avengers...cough Percy cough
LauraLlinares LauraLlinares Feb 11, 2016
"coincidence? I think not." Isn't that a quote from Sherlock or Something?
When I saw this story 
                              It said on hold
                              I thought it said 
                              On hole 
                              U know, the cover
Sparrow-_-2020 Sparrow-_-2020 Jun 13, 2016
You can if you want but I wouldn't change anything major. I like the plot line but you could have been a little more descriptive and drawn out. You know? Overall a good story.
bl00dywarri0r bl00dywarri0r Apr 23, 2016
Your story is awesome you don't need to rewrite it, but you can if you want
sneakylittlelover sneakylittlelover Aug 11, 2015
You're not funny nick
                              and you're only badass in the movies..OAOOAOAOAOAOAOAHHHHH!!!!! #REKTBIIITCH