Breathe Disaster

Breathe Disaster

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Raspy By RaspyKae Updated Apr 10, 2015

A dark and twisted tale where malice and mystery meet the fabled and peaceful Otherworld. Breathe Disaster is the story of two strangers connected by a fate that outlasts time, chance, and realms of old. One of them is not human, and the other, simply thinks she is. 

Lyssa lives her life suppressing the kind of anger that is life-threatening . . . to herself and to those around her. Her bloodthirsty imagination has haunted her ever since she was a child. Sometimes, a vision of violence will flash before her eyes, and she'll end up trembling, sitting in a corner for hours wondering if she had harmed anyone for real. 

After her last fight in Los Angeles, however, she knew it was time for a fresh start. Lyssa moved back in with her parents, into their new home in the vulnerably vast countryside of Southern Ohio, and got herself a job. But what happens when Lyssa's violence tarnishes this fresh start right from the get-go? What is she supposed to do?

Just when it seems things can't get much worse, a man storms into her life, acting peculiar, saying bizarre things, and ultimately, igniting that passionate flame within her that she was unaware had ever existed. 

And he may be the one person who can shed light on matters concerning her persistent and unrelenting rage. 

Is there more to her pent-up aggression than what meets the eye? Will learning the secrets to her existence ease her journey? Can Lyssa finally breathe without unleashing disaster wherever she goes? 

Or will she simply lead one world after another into destruction . . . 

Breathe Disaster © 2013, Raspy Kae

    ArcusNyx ArcusNyx Mar 25, 2015
    Whoa! So much description and imagery! I love it! The first chapter only teases the reader into the story! I cannot wait to get to the rest!
    Lady_Lucia Lady_Lucia Feb 17, 2015
    Love this dream bit so much! It's so vivid and awesome. x3
                                  I uninstalled the app and e everything showed up! Yay!