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Falling for the maid

Falling for the maid

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GonicBlackwood By GonicBlackwood Updated Jun 05, 2015


I looked up at the passing people, and suddenly one just kicked me in the stomach. I doubled over coughing while he laughed. After he had his fill of torturing me, he just simply walked away.

' Whatever, I'm used to it. But it still hurts' I was thinking when I noticed a guy in a black tux staring down at me. I was so confused, usually nobody acknowledged me. Exept from the occasional glance, the person always looks away in disgust. Or the occasional jerk who beats the crap out of me for no reason. But neither was the case for this guy. He just stood there, staring at me. He looked to be in his 30-40s. Probably wealthy from the fancy black tux and shiny shoes. He looks like he would live in a mansion. I was just staring at him think of who he is and what he could ever want.


I was walking around town looking to see  if anyone had seen the" Maid wanted" posters that I had someone put out. Lissana , my son Natsus maid, had quit and I needed someone to fill her position to ...

Jadoo25 Jadoo25 Aug 22, 2016
Who the hell kicks a girl like that just for fun? A psycho probably!
GonicBlackwood GonicBlackwood Apr 05, 2015
............. really?  do I wanna know what that was about darkeny?