The Alpha's Little Rogue

The Alpha's Little Rogue

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Davina was a rogue. 

He was an Alpha. 

She was the alphas little rogue

    lolyoufunny lolyoufunny Jun 15
    Omega as the weakest link in the pact or does she mean delta the 3rd in charge?
    mlccupcake mlccupcake May 30, 2016
    Really though, I've always wondered that. And how does she know they do that? Has she seen a bunch of alphas meet their mate? No she hasn't.
    Giselleok Giselleok Jul 25, 2016
    She just keeps eating her burger 😂 and not worrying about the territory
    VeraVampier VeraVampier Feb 02
    I CLAIM THIS!!!!! I CALL HER....DAVINESSA!!!(part of the name of the Main Character of the story |I really like her name!!❤❤|)
    - - Nov 06, 2016
    Me as a werewolf:
                                  "I'm so glad I can eat like a horse and it still be normal"
    I claim this dot I shall name it Stella after one of my best friends