The Alpha's Little Rogue

The Alpha's Little Rogue

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Davina's P.O.V

The wind blew my hair softly as I sang with nature. I hummed a soft angelic tune and breathed in and out softly. 

Green leaves from the tree fell on the floor and the birds chirped to each other madly, probably warning their brethren of my presence.

Up here in this long tree, I sat on a branch, my back pressed against the tree bark and my feet dangling from each side of the branch.

Freedom, peace, and quiet, just the way I like it. 

I smiled to myself and closed my eyes. The sun shined directly on my tree and the rays cascaded down onto the dirt grounds of the this forest. These were the moments I treasured the most.

The moments of peace.

You may think of me as some kind of werewolf hippie, but I'm not. I just enjoy a life full of solitude and peacefulness. 

I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Since the day I was born I was a rogue. The rogue life was a beautiful one as long as you knew how to live it. 

The rogues who make trouble and kill each o...

mik0608 mik0608 Apr 07
True that it's like hello you don't own me how about instead be like mate or something mine makes  them seem like they have no respect for females
mlccupcake mlccupcake May 30
Really though, I've always wondered that. And how does she know they do that? Has she seen a bunch of alphas meet their mate? No she hasn't.
Giselleok Giselleok Jul 25
She just keeps eating her burger 😂 and not worrying about the territory
- - Nov 06
Me as a werewolf:
                              "I'm so glad I can eat like a horse and it still be normal"
DianePayne3 DianePayne3 Apr 16
That is true from all the were wolves books I have read so far
gloryrae gloryrae Sep 02
I read it as $300 and I was wow I could buy one of those and then wait what than I reread it and was like oh that make sense