The Necklace (#Wattys 2017)

The Necklace (#Wattys 2017)

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People throw rocks at things that shine.
Maybe its a good thing that they do.
They have learnt their lesson, with anything that glows like that.
But fate has its ways.
If you deserve the Necklace,
It comes for you.

When Damon comes back after an failed attempt by the girls to kill him, he wasn't about to thank his stars for making it out alive and live in fear.
He was going to plan his moves, and make them pay for their sins.
And he'd make sure they suffered his fate, but made it to the end.
And he seemed to have accomplished it, when he had finished two of his victims.
But when it came to the third girl, she was nowhere to be found.
On his scavenger hunt to find her, he did.
Or someone who looked like her. 
Exactly like her.
And yet, not at all.
Her records were in place, and so were the ones of the other girl.
Who was real?
Who was to be killed? 

No one said it was easy,
But someone did say,
Beauty maybe dangerous,
But intelligence is lethal.

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SophiaRusso SophiaRusso May 01, 2016
Nvm..I thought you meant the prologue. I didn't write the Epigraph. Its just quotes.
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Jul 29, 2016
Wow, that was a lovely poem! So dark and enchanting. It makes me wonder what secrets revolves around the necklace