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Angelus Ex Machina

Angelus Ex Machina

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HumbleStory By HumbleStory Updated Jul 07

Circuit Breakers: the harbingers who brought the old world of Aldingarde to its final fiery chapter. Throughout legend they have been called many names: archangels, gods and messengers of destruction and were said to have possessed the power to bend reality to their will. But in the final clash between the heavens and earth, against all hopes and odds, Aldingarde survived the divine onslaught. The remaining Circuit Breakers, forsaken and forgotten, were cast into the mortal realm. 
  As the new world of Aldingarde struggled to find meaning in a war-torn landscape, few would know of the very same Circuit Breakers who changed the course of Aldingarde's destiny. From the highest acts of valiant heroism to the cruelest acts of despotism, each Circuit Breaker found their place in the new world that emerged. This is the story of their past and future, the stories of the men and women who changed them and those that were changed by them. 
  These are their forgotten stories.
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Ramaerojn Ramaerojn Feb 05
I've always wanted to finish reading this! Wherever I read using my phone, there were a lot of bugs with some chapters and I just don't want to skip- and now that the bugs that I know about are fixed, (I hope-) I'm happy tonread again from the start. :)
JL_Otaku JL_Otaku Jan 09
Are you going to post the rewrite in this book or a new one? If the latter, is the new title already on your profile so we loyal readers can add it to our libraries?
Is there an original copy that I could read? I really enjoyed reading it and not being able to finish the original has sort of killed my desire to read it differently. Please and thank you.
Darkblade77 Darkblade77 Jan 10
So will either version of the  story be completed? Good book just wanna read till the end
jas1109 jas1109 Jan 09
Love your story, I'll keep reading and supporting as long as you keep writing.
Just want to say i loved the original novel and always waited with anticipation for the next chapter. Im really looking forward to this backstory (in a sense) and I really hope you go back to your original characters and tell their story to the extent of the previous novel too! Good luck with AEM :)