Within Seconds // Barry Allen

Within Seconds // Barry Allen

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[based on season one of The Flash]

|| book one of three ||

At the time Central City's own Barry Allen discovers he has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound, a woman from his past, Parker Sylas, returns to her hometown. Scoring jobs at both the CCPD and S.T.A.R. Labs, the two were destined to cross paths again, this time, in a way unlike ever before.

started: october 8th 2014
ended: september 13th 2015

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hwe113 hwe113 6 days ago
spoiler alert::: he is evil, he dies, he his the man in the yellow suit that killed barry’s mother, a doppelgänger gets killed season 2 dr. show goes evil, cisco gets superpowers, eddie dies, and BTW barry and iris start to die and she DOES NOT die
Wait if theres Marvel comics in the DCEU. Is there DC comics in the MCU? Lol. Yassss
lightdolan lightdolan Mar 27
imagine he wakes up and he’s like “where’s my warbler jacket”
Fluttercord_5 Fluttercord_5 4 days ago
This is the best thing my eye balls have lauded  upon  in a while
Every time read her name I think of Peter Parker. Then finally in this paragraph. I finally read it as peter. Not parker.