Painted Lies || A Destiel AU Story

Painted Lies || A Destiel AU Story

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InterruptingMoose By InterruptingMoose Updated Jul 11, 2016

Novak Manor. Despite the greatness of it's name, it did not have the greatest history. A history that had been warped and mutated over the years that nobody knew the real truth. Many question were thrown around as people tried to uncover the truth.

Did Castiel Novak murder his own parents?

Is Zachariah Novak responsible for the death of his own son?

In the 1920s, the Novaks were the perfect family. Wealthy, successful and well-loved by the whole community. But on July 1st, their only son, Castiel, was found dead by the old willow tree, having taken his own life.

A year later, Zachariah and Naomi Novak met their own bloody demise. No one understood how or why, but for some strange reason; no one questioned it.

The house, however, was left abandoned. But the thing that scared the people were the faint whispers that echoed around the whole neighbourhood;

Otkroyte vorota.

Razbit' steklo.

Pomogi mne.

No one dared to enter Novak Manor.

That is until Dean Winchester moved into town.

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