Ticci toby X reader

Ticci toby X reader

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A/N I know, I know all of the people (which wasnt that many...) who was reading my link story are probably mad at me. Well, in that case, I am going to paralize you because im a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts...u dont want to mess with me. But the bad news I have C.I.P.A...it makes me numb to pain...While I was reaserching franticly on the internet...I came (weirdly enough) across a ticci toby story, and read it. It did act as an insperation...:3 so...ENJOY

_____ POV

Fire. thats all you saw now..you cracked a insane smile and walked into the woods. Into the woods to hang yourself. You had jet black pony tail was tucked into your thin hoodie. (sorry if any of these discriptions and clothing doesnt match you...the girl sorda represents me so...sorry...please change if you need.) It was in the middle of fall but luckly you wore another collared sweat shirt under neath. Your facial features and deathly pale skin were covered witha black mouth gaurd and a very simple gray steampunk...

ToxiicOpal ToxiicOpal Sep 07, 2017
Bipolar af, anxiety, paranoid, multiple personalities, enjoying pain, i cry sometimes for no reason and I want to laugh for no reason in that insane way, sheesh I need help.. there's more
Lou_0111 Lou_0111 Sep 17, 2017
Depressed piece of shiz over here^^ but you my friend, sound like an awesome person, total badass!
I’m already dead inside. You can’t kill what’s already dead.
Thatfandompsycho Thatfandompsycho Sep 12, 2017
Ok, I'm sorry if this sounds rude, and if it is I am super sorry, because I don't mean to be I'm just curious I swear. So, when you do get hurt, can you feel anything at all? Like, maybe soreness, or a tingle or something?
imot666 imot666 Sep 29, 2017
I have ocd, anxiety, ptsd, insomnia, depression, and probably going to be  diagnosed with something else because they are concerned about my anger 😂
TwitchyTheNeko TwitchyTheNeko Sep 03, 2017
I'm insane, Im an insomniac, I suffer from trauma, emotional abuse... Anxiety... Man... Sad life, eh?