300 + 400 followers special: Popular? (Iceland x Reader)

300 + 400 followers special: Popular? (Iceland x Reader)

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So thanks for 300 followers guys! 

_____ was friends with Emil ever since 6th grade, but when 8th grade came around, he stopped talking to her completely. Only making eye contact with her. _____ used to have a crush on the stoic boy, but she just...gave up. Now it's time for high school prep, new friends, crushes, and more drama then ever before! 

It's _____'s quest to get Emil to be her best friend again, and the (h/c) haired girl will stop at nothing! With the help of a burger-lover, a violet eyed mystery, an albino, and a loud-mouthed Dane, can _____ get the licorice lover to be her friend again? 

Or possibly even something more?

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Iceland_san Iceland_san Mar 27, 2016
No it's not I mean I did that.... 
                              What I never said I was proud or it was a good thing......
MiaKawaiiOtter MiaKawaiiOtter Apr 10, 2016
                              Explanation: me and my friends were having fun and we decided to make our own 2p!s and since my name is Mia(me-uh), I was lazy and decided to name mine Mya or Miah(my-uh), I never did decide which name I officially wanted so I use both
Pjatopotato5 Pjatopotato5 Oct 24, 2016
Yandere me: Can I kill her now?
                              Mostly sane me: No
                              Yandere me: Just a little bit?
Aesthetic-Alfie Aesthetic-Alfie Jun 10, 2016
                              but then I somehow made a bestfriend
Pjatopotato5 Pjatopotato5 Oct 24, 2016
I'll support him, I just want him to be happy. But if she dares hurt Emil I can't promise that I won't do anything *holds knife*.
Pjatopotato5 Pjatopotato5 Oct 24, 2016
Me in Highschool. All my friends will to go to a different Highschool.