300 + 400 followers special: Popular? (Iceland x Reader)

300 + 400 followers special: Popular? (Iceland x Reader)

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So thanks for 300 followers guys! 

_____ was friends with Emil ever since 6th grade, but when 8th grade came around, he stopped talking to her completely. Only making eye contact with her. _____ used to have a crush on the stoic boy, but she just...gave up. Now it's time for high school prep, new friends, crushes, and more drama then ever before! 

It's _____'s quest to get Emil to be her best friend again, and the (h/c) haired girl will stop at nothing! With the help of a burger-lover, a violet eyed mystery, an albino, and a loud-mouthed Dane, can _____ get the licorice lover to be her friend again? 

Or possibly even something more?

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RiverDea RiverDea Jul 17, 2017
Why do so many guys like her so much if she's so mean? She must be either really rich or really pretty, probably both
yaoi_wang yaoi_wang Aug 24, 2017
*hands over a note that has my email on it*
                              Note: bigtastyballs@yahoo.com
Aph_Universe Aph_Universe Feb 09, 2017
*pulls out katana* I swear if you dare start being a perv you dead
baeksmochi baeksmochi Feb 09, 2017
Ok so there's currently a game of football with Mexico vs Iceland and idk which one to go with since Like I'm half Mexican and I like love Iceland h e l p
Aph_Universe Aph_Universe Feb 09, 2017
I would've said " Baka I meant it as I love you as a friend. Don't get the wrong idea!" My tsundere is showing