When The Light Was Gone

When The Light Was Gone

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Sash By Sashduos Updated Nov 05

Arya Lannister is a  high school senior. Unlike any other she is wild, tough and rebellious. A girl who is not afraid to stand against the bullies and social discrimination. A girl who can give decent punch straight to a face.

 Her childhood best friend Camila 'O' Connell has always been by her side. Two of them have an unbreakable bond. Both of them enjoy their life-like there is no tomorrow.

 Arya lives a perfect life until, one day she receives a message, which completely shook her life. Her only happiness completely slipped out of her hand within a span of seconds. Her final year in high school won't be how she planned.
She's left alone to unravel the  secrets.

Will her life ever be normal like before?  will she find the darkness, which destroyed her lightness from her life?

Trigger Warning: This story contain suicide ,violence, bullying and cursing.