I Kissed A Guy And I Like It [boyXboy] •COMPLETED•

I Kissed A Guy And I Like It [boyXboy] •COMPLETED•

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Daniel Cee aka "Dance" is your typical high school jock - a man whore who doesn't care about anything but basketball and what's underneath a girl's skirt. High school is his kingdom, well not until "he" came along, and by he, "the New Yorker".
Troy Coleman or "the New Yorker" transferred to Skyline High School after his parents got divorced. He used to be an out and proud gay boy, but after moving to Alabama with his father, he decided to "go back to the closet". Hence, the girls in Skyline High School not knowing his gay, started noticing him and crushing over this brooding transferee.
    What happens when the jock meets the gay?
    What happens when Dance meets Troy?
    What happens when the gay meets the jock?
    What happens when Troy meets Dance?
    Go figure.

COMPLETED: 12.25.2016

This story explores about self-realization, sexuality, friendship, love and intimacy between two teenage boys as they face the different challenges and conflicts in their lives, indeed, making this story twisted yet will tickle one's heart.

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Honestly when is Logan Lerman not cast as the bottom gay character
yaoifanguuurl yaoifanguuurl Jul 10, 2016
no story is! 😉😉 love this book sooo much! 😘 been here since day one!