Perverted Gamer. [[•EDITING•]] // TheCampingRusher

Perverted Gamer. [[•EDITING•]] // TheCampingRusher

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• 哟我是柴 • By daceysxfantasy Completed

She thought he was the shy type, the kind that would take you out on romantic dates and cuddle with you while watching movies.

Little did she know, he was a beast in kittens fur.

She now knows, he's the kind of guy that would take the chance if he sees it, he would do it anywhere and anytime, and when he wants it...she has to give it to him.

"My body feels hot, my heart is pounding. He's touching me everywhere, sucking and licking, leaving wet trails on my skin. But...I want more...more...I want you, Brayden."

FabIzMyName FabIzMyName May 08
The cover/name kinda gave that way and I don't give a sh!t as long as it's a hood book.
FabIzMyName FabIzMyName May 08
If it's anything that contains chocolate, how much I care that it's unhealthy=
                              Translation I don't give a fluck
just re-writing a few scenarios. dnt mind me. just passing through with these updates.
                              I LOVE IT!
                              I DONT CARE!
                              I LOVE IT!
                              I LOVE IT!
                              I DONT CARE!"
                              No just me who thinks of that song ok ill be over there
Neon_Tried Neon_Tried Jul 25
Let's be real we've all read this story at least 7 times over 😉
I read the first version and so far this is soo funny. Your such a great writer!!!