All about Harry Potter

All about Harry Potter

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This book contains random stuff about Harry Potter. It has facts, jokes, quotes and much more.

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Drarrygrethan_child Drarrygrethan_child Mar 28, 2017
No he wasn't he was part of some triplets this has been confirmed when people searched up the actor
                              Learn ur facts BEFORE you write em down.
Drarrygrethan_child Drarrygrethan_child Mar 28, 2017
They should have turned them all into Draco look alikes and everyone would be begging for em back I mean
                              Who would say no to a Draco malfoy looking dementor??
ZSiddZ ZSiddZ Nov 08, 2017
I find this hilarious bc Emma had a crush on Tom, who thought of her as a little sister.
                              And then there's these two.
ClaryJonathon ClaryJonathon Jul 07, 2017
... and she fall in love with her bad boy Draco
futurereginageorge futurereginageorge Aug 18, 2017 the Cursed Child,it says that :
                              Hermione was the minister of magic. 
                              Harry was an auror. (Also, Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement.)
                              And Ron ran the Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
MostRandomRandomness MostRandomRandomness Jul 08, 2017
Rolf... Ohhhhhhhh someone used him for a fanfic. I think it involves a hand mirror and a pygmy puff named Pua.