The  Special Kuran Sakamaki

The Special Kuran Sakamaki

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Airisu Rose Kuran is the third child of Juri and Haruka Kuran. She was hated and abused all because she was born with a blue sparkle in her eyes. Having enough of the pain, she runs away and meets Karl Heinz. Karl, already in love with Airisu, adopts her, and takes her in with his family. Airisu meets her new family, and finds her six soul mates, but as years go on, she discovers that she has intense power. Power that should only belong to a god. Having to stop two wars with in the two vampiric races, she makes many sacrifices, and many decisions. Will she prevail?

Oh maybe cause u bloody abused her since idk  for most of her life saying your not her daughter,she shouldn't live,etc and she thinks she wanted to run away from a 'loving' family like you*sarcasm*!
shinatina shinatina Oct 21, 2016
And her granddaughter will sing "I am Rosemary's granddaughter ~ the spitting image of my father~ and when the day is done my momma's still my biggest fan~
FutureSora FutureSora Apr 19, 2016
Wow....... this b**** cares now! At first off, she didn't even call her that she was her own daughter and called her a monster, but now she does!
backupaccount16 backupaccount16 May 02, 2016
FroxzBeat FroxzBeat Oct 17, 2016
Just few minutes earlier she beat her child calling her a monster and now she ask why her child run away like nothing happen it's like 2 people in one body
pillerhikaru pillerhikaru Sep 07, 2016
That was really sudden. Like split personality sudden. Nearly destroyed the flow of the writing. So why does she care? I'd really like her to go into more detail as to why she's such a terrible mother.