In the Shower

In the Shower

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MissPrincess By CAUTION_ExtremelyHot Updated Jul 20

Hailey Addison stripped her clothes off, peeling the juice stained shirt away from her body. She stepped into the shower, sighing. 
She was exhausted.
Who knew little toddlers could be such a mess at playdates?
She hadn't forgotten about that sweet, sexy older brother. What was his name again?
Liam Robins.
She spent quite a while imagining his crystal clear blue eyes. 
All of a sudden, Hailey heard something. Someone peeing.
She poked her head out and what did she see?
Liam Robins.
"Excuse me?" Hailey shrieked. "I'm in the shower!"
His lightning blue eyes rose to hers, melting her instantly. His eyes raked over the shower curtain as if it wasn't there and he could see her body. 
There was a zip of his pants. Hailey gulped. You know what Liam did next?
He winked. 
And with a smirk, he got in the shower.

The best part?
Christian was watching.

Toss in a crazy ex-boyfriend who gives more love than can be accepted and you get Hailey Addison's love life. 

><><Discontinued story, one that serves as a reminder of my awkward middle school/horrible writing phase. Beware!><><

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