Little Caniff// h.g.

Little Caniff// h.g.

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ally By bubblyhayes Updated Apr 16

Brooklynn Caniff is an average teenager. she's an all star cheerleader and singer/beauty guru on YouTube! 
everything in her life is some what normal, except that her brother is Taylor Caniff, yes the famous YouTuber/Viner Taylor Caniff. 
when magcon comes to Indiana and the guys stay at the Caniff household, and she meets Hayes Grier what will happen? will they remain friends? or become something more? What happens when Brooke gets offers from other gyms? will she leave her best friend behind? or go follow her dreams? 

read "little caniff" to find out!

***disclaimer** I started writing this right after I turned 12 so it's going to be really bad at first, but I promise that it he's better. so just please deal with the horrible literature at first and please don't give up on the story because it's not written well in the beginning***

how is an average teen an all star cheerleader, singer, and a beauth guru on youtube. like i cant even do a cartwheel, i cant even sing if my life depended on it and i cant even do my mascara correct? idk sorry😂
ShookVibes ShookVibes Mar 31
Your brother and sister. I would think you'd grow up together
kinleypaige kinleypaige Apr 10
I don't get why girls melt over that I mean I do to but why do we?!
Caitlin1928 Caitlin1928 Apr 07
Can you give some description?
                              How tall?
                              Hair colour?
                              Eye colour? 
                              Thanks x
The_SkysMusicalEcho The_SkysMusicalEcho Dec 14, 2015
Yay I live in Indiana 😄 aka "one of the most boring states were nothing happens!"