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David By Rimrunner Updated Oct 07, 2014

The target planet glowed blue and white on the display, just like their home world once had. But Mirda now was swathed in the ashes of too much industrial development, for too many years, and crowded with too many people. Talik remembered that dull grey pearl, and promised himself once more that this time they would not make the same mistakes. This world, Regon III in the catalogue, would provide a beautiful new home for the millions of hopeful colonists they carried in their gene banks.

The ship had been following the plotted orbital insertion track under autopilot, but now a computer squawked for attention and another display shifted: they were in orbit, and the targeting parameters were being calculated. 

"Orbital insertion complete, Commander," Talik reported, "on track."

Commander Mondar emitted acknowledgement.

Talik noted that the indigenes were attempting communication through their primitive technology, but ignored it. There was no point in getting friendly with unevolved ...

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