Taga Long

Taga Long

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Tabitha Long has always been shy. Past experiences in her childhood left her this way. There was only one person who knew her as well as her mom...and his name was Caleb. 

Life happens for these two, and in Tab's mind, they end up in two separate worlds; Caleb in his world of football and beautiful girls, and Tab hidden alone in her own shell, now motherless and being forced to return to her old town, where things have surely changed. Lines were drawn a long time ago, but over time, they've become blurred, such as the ones she drew for her ex-tormentor Josh and his friends, the lines where she promised to never forget her mother, and most of all...the one line she promised to never cross...that line with her once best friend. Now that they're back in each others lives, they're both going to realize that lines sometimes can't be drawn...

Soon to be edited, until then, you've been warned lol

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OMG my school just did lion king for one of their play s and I was a main character!!!!!
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Sep 26, 2016
Oh! She's in 8th grade. I thought she was in 10th. I was going with the flashback years to help me. I guess I counted wrong or something.
KidFlash23 KidFlash23 May 08, 2016
This is weird reading this book because my name is Tabbitha and some people call me tab.
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Sep 26, 2016
Wow... a girl had huge boobs when I was in sixth grade. And all the girls were wearing bras in 7th grade. By 8th grade some had bigger sizes while others didn't. We advanced fast. 😳
STAlberts STAlberts May 16, 2013
This is really good! I love how you started in the past. It was a perfect foreshadow. It was also really descriptive! Voted!
TwilaJames TwilaJames Jan 18, 2013
Aww thanks!! You dont know how much that means to me! Hope u keep reading!! @arristaCAT