The Alpha Pack-Scott McCall Love Story

The Alpha Pack-Scott McCall Love Story

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Four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson's life and resurrected Peter Hale, Scott McCall and his friends begin their junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills: a pack of Alpha werewolves.

Among one of the three teenage Alphas in the pack stirs up trouble for Scott's pack...Luna.

Deucalion's plan for Aiden and Ethan involves Lydia and Danny, but for Luna, it involves Beacon Hills very own...Scott McCall. 

Luna was all for manipulating Scott but what happens when the plan goes off track and she starts falling for Scott. 

Will she stand by her pack or will she betray them and help Scott out instead? 

[Season 3A & 3B]
[Published December 10, 2014]
[Started Editing 2/14/17]
[Luna's plot belongs to me]

NOTE: The gifs that you see in each chapter, I made those. Please do not steal them. It took me hours to make them.

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anonybitchh anonybitchh Aug 02, 2017
I LOVE NINA SO MUCH, but can we talk about how pretty she was and is. When she was a teen she was so prettyyyyyy. I love her smile
Kiran_Sandhu Kiran_Sandhu Sep 01, 2017
The hell is Sabrina
                              I didn't know that Luna was also a teenage witch
-uselessdaisy -uselessdaisy Mar 06, 2017
Oh my god this is so cool. She is so going to love him back. I can feel it.
AlexWinfrey AlexWinfrey Jan 25, 2015
i love this book it is really good I like that u have scott and luna together if u make season 4 book u should put scott and luna together and make luna live till the end and be happy with scott