Luna Eclipse ( Sequel to MEETING a VAMPIRE PRINCE was not on my VACATION list!)

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A Mystery of things have been happening in the Super Natural and Human world. Vampires suddenly dieing, human bodies being stolen and crimes that can't be explained. The Royal Familys in the Super Natural world aren't very happy with what's been going on. Katie on the other had is curious as to what's happening. In the first book she was an innocent teenage girl, who found out she was more part of the super Natural world than she thought. She's grown into a beautiful young lady, taking a career in Forensics. The Royal Family see only one option in getting to the bottom of what's happen in both worlds, going to Katie for help. She accepts, themission forces her to befreind most of the Royal's children, including Luke, who her dislike for him has grown through out the years. However, does she really hate him... or did she end up falling for him in the processes of hating him?
I absolutely love this series of yours :) it has a very unique story line that makes it addicting lol I can't wait until you upload again :) :) i am going to fan you
Hello I would like to ask or you will continue your story.... 
                                    Ohh and I love it
I like the new Katie because she has an image to her now. When she acted more human it felt kind of blank. Now she's a vivid alive person. I'm not saying the other Katie sucked but I just love this Katie way more Also never stop writing because your story is my heaven
ooohhhh!!!!! i love it baby !!!!!!!
                                    make more and keep it up.
                                    and i love the new katie <3
lol!!! i lik the new katie she's fiesty!!!!! upload soon plz!!!!!! :) <3
please upload soooooooooon ive been waiting 4 this forever looks really good cant wait for the next chapter (: