Dark Prince (Nico Di Angelo x Reader)

Dark Prince (Nico Di Angelo x Reader)

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Hi! I'm Audrey and this is my little collection of Nico Di Angelo x Reader one-shots

Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Poseidon! 👩🏼                    👦🏻
                                                    👖                    👖
                                                     👟                   👞
                              (Blessed by Athena, Poseidon, Artemis and Zues)
Dania di Angelo... I love how it sounds, has a nice ring to it!
LoraChase LoraChase Jul 18
You know you truly love someone when you have nightmares of them dieing you can't handle it. Dang I sound like a Aphriodite child. (No offense to Aphriodite children)
I've been a goner for him, since the Titan's Curse.... My ship name..... Dania+Nico.... Ninia or Daco.. Or maybe Paola+Nico.... Nila?
LoraChase LoraChase Jul 18
My name can't be made into a ship. Luna. It's impossible. I have tried.