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A Mermaid Tale Book 2 - The Deep (IN EDITING)

A Mermaid Tale Book 2 - The Deep (IN EDITING)

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Sabrina J. By NocteLamia101 Completed

Well, things have certainly gone wrong for Tarabelle Johansson. Taiven is missing, she needs to rule an entire merkingdom on her own, the Upper Kingdom could be invaded at any moment and to top it all off, she's pregnant. Yes, the young woman certainly has her work cut out for her. 

In this dramatic sequel, many new characters appear including Gabrielle Caslynn, a half-mermaid...of the Deep. She is part of a secret plan to build an army of half-breeds that dark merman Auron has to destroy the Upper Kingdom. But sadly, Gabrielle finds her way into the ocean too early and unexplainable changes happen to her. Yes, she turns into a mermaid, but unlike Tara, she is on her own during her transformation. Not only is it incredibly painful, but after she has no idea where to go, what to do and who to trust. When Gabrielle is taken prisoner by the Upper Kingdom along with her brother Greg, Tara quickly sees that the young boy and the young girl may just be the help she needs to rescue Taiven before an even bigger war breaks between both merkinds.

jasmined45 jasmined45 Feb 28, 2016
a hunt where money is offered as a reward is called a bounty, by the way
iggzi_ iggzi_ Jan 25, 2014
I wish Aurora could be the mermaid who acted in 'The pirates of the Caribbean.' That would be awesome!
iggzi_ iggzi_ Jan 25, 2014
I hope Ridge turns into a mermaid! I was always so excited when it comes to his life! Hahaha :D Can't wait to read...
TheSatanic_Unicorn TheSatanic_Unicorn Apr 21, 2013
I just started reading your story. and must I say it's amazing! I read the first book last night and just finished this, this morning. Keep updating!
ButterscotchBreather ButterscotchBreather Jan 13, 2013
it should be a boy. theres too many women. unless the heir can be a girl as long as she first born.
reeses1617 reeses1617 Dec 16, 2012
Adding on the second name for the boy is zale sorry I left it out