One Direction Preferences

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yammounitbh By yammounitbh Updated 9 months ago
☆ ayo:) here there's some preferences and imagines thrown together so, enjoy. ☆
    ✿ the preferences start at 10 now because i deleted the parts before that, i just cant really change them because i have a lot of preferences and that would mean going through them all. I'm not lazy, promise. ✿
    ☺have a lovely day/night!☺
@youtuber_girl ohh okay, I'm not sure what that is but thank you for replying!!!
I write imagines and I am taking request rn!! Mind checking them out? I write about all the boys btw
Wtf is wrong w/ my wattpad?? I just added the story and it says the first chapter is this preference....
Easy ass. Should've stayed if you were gonna forgive him so fast.
im cACKlin again omg innocent angel me a$s lmfao *laughing teary eyes emoji*
Why he keep crashing. What is you Niall? You a car? What you be? An Audi? A lambo?