Falling for the Bad Boy (William Singe ED)

Falling for the Bad Boy (William Singe ED)

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Niq Milli ^.^ By teen_cliches Updated Oct 21, 2017

Why Lord? I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair from the sight of the person. 

"Hi to you too." William greeted. The scent grew stronger and I knew he was coming closer to me. He sat a seat away from me and I sighed. 

"Why are you here?" I asked annoyed while looking at him. He narrowed his eyebrows at me and held up the joint he was holding between his index and thumb. 

"Is that a serious question?" He replied before taking a drag. He held it in for a while before releasing it in the air through his nose. I coughed from the smoke that came to murder my nose.

"Can you do that somewhere else?" I complained while swatting away the smoke from around my face. He took some more in but this time blowing it in my direction. "You little bi-"

"HEY!" We heard someone yell to us. We looked  ahead only to find coach Simmons quickly walking up the stairs, towards us. I looked over at William who still had the weed in his hand.

"Damn, for a fat guy he sure is moving." William joked.

When Nicole Sanders accidentally bumps into the school's bad boy William Singe, she's later forced to befriend him. But what happens when she unknowingly falls for the head of all jack asses in the school?

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Oooooo yeeee currently rereading it and it’s great so far!! :))))