Warrior Cat Spoofs

Warrior Cat Spoofs

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Find out what Clan life for warrior cats is really like! 


~ story created 09 / 10 / 2014 ~

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River_blade River_blade Feb 10
XD that's totally Hollyleaf! But I thought firestar would go crazy about the waffles since he "doesn't" like waffles.
BellaFlesher BellaFlesher Nov 21, 2016
If anyone wants to check out my warrior fanfic, please do! It's about Lynx in the tundra and its really well written. It's pretty similar to warriors but has a bunch of concepts I wish had been in the official series! I would mean so much if anyone could read it <3
LoloSenpai LoloSenpai Jan 08
                              BREATHING IS AGAINST THE WARRIOR CODE
                              BLINKING IS AGAINST THE WARRIOR CODE
                              I'm only on fire and Ice but srsly is she that annoying
mighyena mighyena Jan 14
Goldenpelt: Hollyleaf your birth is against the warrior code *glares at leafpool and crowfeather who are sharing tounges*
                              Hollyleaf: curse my parents!
Holly leaf, your too obsessed with the warrior code man.. ._.
Bonnie-Kills Bonnie-Kills Mar 07, 2016
This book inspired me to write my own warrior cat books and p.s I watched all the spoofs