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ℎ●ℓℓⓎ By HollylLouisel94 Updated Mar 20, 2012

I hear people, Inside my head.
Their mouths don't move, yet they still speak to me.
They don't acknowledge i'm listening, even though i am.
I'm a mind reader, and nobody knows.

Or so I thought....

People are out to get me. 
To figure out why i'm so different.
They don't care about me.
Just my brain. 
If they find me, they will kill me...

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Obessionwithmusic Obessionwithmusic Mar 23, 2012
Like it
                              I will watch the book trailer tomorrow because its late now and its 10:30pm up here :)
Clevelandxangel Clevelandxangel Jan 18, 2012
Wow...that really got under my skin. in a good way! I never really did like scary stories but it's a little adventure too, so i'm adding THIS to my Library ;)
- - Jan 17, 2012
lol it is confusing...but in a good way, very original I must say, and well written, you missed a few caps, but that's about it, loved and voted!
AssaRegan AssaRegan Jan 16, 2012
I read up to part 3, more than I should have. xD Just letting you know - going back to vote on the parts that I read and enjoyed. (I have a problem with reading non-stopxD)
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune Jan 16, 2012
This was really interesting, but I must admit in the beginning I was kind of confused.
ShiyaMai ShiyaMai Jan 16, 2012
I think this is really unique, and i love it. 
                              So much better than all those other cliche books out there :)
                              Well done xD