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ℎ●ℓℓⓎ By HollylLouisel94 Updated Mar 20, 2012

I hear people, Inside my head.
Their mouths don't move, yet they still speak to me.
They don't acknowledge i'm listening, even though i am.
I'm a mind reader, and nobody knows.

Or so I thought....

People are out to get me. 
To figure out why i'm so different.
They don't care about me.
Just my brain. 
If they find me, they will kill me...

Obessionwithmusic Obessionwithmusic Mar 23, 2012
Like it
                              I will watch the book trailer tomorrow because its late now and its 10:30pm up here :)
Clevelandxangel Clevelandxangel Jan 18, 2012
Wow...that really got under my skin. in a good way! I never really did like scary stories but it's a little adventure too, so i'm adding THIS to my Library ;)
ESummerlee ESummerlee Jan 17, 2012
lol it is confusing...but in a good way, very original I must say, and well written, you missed a few caps, but that's about it, loved and voted!
AssaRegan AssaRegan Jan 16, 2012
I read up to part 3, more than I should have. xD Just letting you know - going back to vote on the parts that I read and enjoyed. (I have a problem with reading non-stopxD)
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune Jan 16, 2012
This was really interesting, but I must admit in the beginning I was kind of confused.
ShiyaMai ShiyaMai Jan 16, 2012
I think this is really unique, and i love it. 
                              So much better than all those other cliche books out there :)
                              Well done xD