Percy Jackson One-shots

Percy Jackson One-shots

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Piper Jackson By volleyball4life1996 Updated Jun 25, 2015

Lesbian and Gay Percy Jackson oneshots!

This is a collection of one shots that I have written based off of the lesbian and gay shippings that some of the Percy Jackson fans have come up with. I came up with some of these in class and decided to share them with the lovely readers of Wattpad, so you can all hopefully enjoy them as well.

These oneshots will include parings of people from both the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Their series as well as the Heroes of Olympus series. I've tried to include all of the shippings that I have seen people around talk and post things about but I may not get them all and I'm sorry of I don't get your paring.

Now, as I've said. These are lesbain and gay oneshots so if you have something against girl on girl and boy on boy action as well as relationships, the don't read gay further. As for those of you that are okay with it, please read on. I will only warn you of one thing. Some of them will contain smut, though I will post in the title if it is.

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AphroditePossesedMe AphroditePossesedMe Jul 06, 2016
Awwwwwww so freaking cute
                              It's so weird I have that same toy too
Smo1Rage Smo1Rage Aug 18, 2015
One minute, I'm laughing because Percabeth was making out in the corner (literally) and the next, I'm silently reading lesbi smush. WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!
sonofasoshi sonofasoshi Jul 23, 2015
when the femslash gets to ya, ship it like its hot ship it like its hot
SweetOtaku8702 SweetOtaku8702 Jul 19, 2015
Okay I already ship Jason and Percy. Why not Piper and Reyna now?