The Alpha's Unknown Son

The Alpha's Unknown Son

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Alice Gallagher By gallaghergirl102 Updated Nov 22

"Your weak and everyone hates you. You could never be a good Luna to this pack, so I, Thomas Lupei, reject you, Allison' Pierce, as my mate," he says as if it was not a big deal. I closed my eyes letting the pain in my heart pass. I felt tears treating to spill over, but I would not cry in front of him. I opened my eyes and look straight in to his eyes.

"I'm glad to know last night meant nothing to both of us," a complete and utter lie...I wanted to take back what I said when I saw hurt flash though his eyes, but he didn't want me so I would not care, "So I, Allison Pierce, except your, Thomas Lupei, rejection as mates," I didn't wait to hear what he said. I felt the mate bond breaking as I walked to my room.


Meet Allison Pierce. She is the beat's daughter...her parents died protecting her after her first shift at age three. Everyone thinks she has never shifted. Everyone in the pack blames her for her parents death. Her older brother, Udolf, promised his parents that if anything happened to them he would protect her...but like normal he blamed her and wanted her gone.

She always thought that if and when she meet her mate he would love and care for her. That was wishfull thinking she knew her mate wouldn't want her ever...but for one night she acted as if that was not true then the next day he did what she knew would happen, so out of pain she ran.

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Heck ya show him he doesn't own you!!! What goes around comes around!
Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Sep 26, 2016
so you're saying 3 year old baby should fight off two grown wolf and kill them do those people in that packed have a mental f****** problem what three year old can defend himself from a grown adult let alone two they all need to be locked the f******
DettaDrake DettaDrake Jul 17, 2016
A brother should always love his sister, no matter what they do/did and the other way around!
sassycitygal sassycitygal Jan 01, 2016
I read the summary and it seemed interesting so ill check this book out and c if i like it or noy