The Gifted Seer (Bk 1 of Seer Series) (Completed)

The Gifted Seer (Bk 1 of Seer Series) (Completed)

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Rissa, Rissy, Riss By RissaleWriter Completed

Have you ever wondered what was missing from your life? Either it was just something about who you are or what you are supposed to do? Well, for 16 year old Joeslyin Laura Lone, that is what it felt like.

She knew that there was something hidden from her, but it might be because her mother didn't want to hear about it and ignore the possibility that Joeslyin, or Joes, was like her father.

What was her father? Well, he was something that people didn't believe in. Someone who could magic and was part of a group called the Seers. And, like her father, Joes had inherited his abilities, but she was something more than him.

Will she find out who she is, even with the disappearance of her father? Will she be able to live the next month, or even the next day? Can she figure out why it is dangerous for her to be out in the dark? Will Joes be all right with who she is, even if it means that she is different? Will she find out that she is far greater from the loner that she is?

Find out, in The Gifted Seer.