The Wife And The Mistress

The Wife And The Mistress

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Love is one of the best thing that can happen to your life. But what if one day, it will only destroys your life?

That the only man that you love has fallen to another woman.

Are you still willing to fight for that love even if its slowly killing you?

"Gagawin ko lahat maibalik lang ang inagaw sakin. Lalaban ako kahit magkamatayan man."

-- She is Carlyn & she is the WIFE


What if you accidentally fell in love with a man whom you've just met, yet he gave you the taste of heaven?

But you're both committed to someone else.

Would you still continue to love him?
Would you still fight for him even if the whole world turn their back on you?

Are you willing to be called a Mistress for the sake of your so called happiness?

"Yes, I am a bitch and you can call me a slut, a flirt, a mistress or whatever, I don't care. I won't let him go. I wont give up on him."

-- she is Natalie and she is the MISTRESS


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blackfire97 blackfire97 Jan 01
@iamsograce sino po ba yung bids dito yung asawa o yung kabit?
TinyikoKhoza TinyikoKhoza Jul 26, 2016
Is there an English version of this? Am I missing something?
iamsograce iamsograce Oct 03, 2014
Once you love a person, he/she will always remained on your heart forever. May mga pagkakataon lang talaga na kapag alam mong hindi tama, ay huwag ng ipagpatulou para sa ikabubuti ng lahat. Love is sacrifice as they say. :)
iamsograce iamsograce Dec 22, 2012
@Thecrazyhazie Thanks ^^ Really do appreciate it a lot. Read my new story MY GUARDIAN DEVIl, it's still ongoing. Keep safe  & God bless :) Spread the good news :)
Thecrazyhazie Thecrazyhazie Dec 16, 2012
Wow. That was so intense! :D I love it. :D :) Looking forward to new works ;)
iamsograce iamsograce Dec 07, 2012
@ShielaHilarioPingul salamatz ng madami. Keep on spreading the story ^^