Sparks Ignited

Sparks Ignited

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FanFictionInc By FanFictionInc Updated Aug 13, 2017

It was just a normal day at the Yeager household. So we thought... Me and Tessa were fighting as usual and she was Skyping her boyfriend Shane. Uncle Cade didn't know she had a boyfriend. 

It all started with Uncle Cade buying this really old beat down truck. We were very poor and often stole electricity from the neighbours. 

Uncle Cade and I were in the barn working on the old truck and he asked me to call Tessa and Lucas over. Just when we thought the truck was a total waste of money.. We thought wrong. It was a Transformer and it sent a distress call for the other Autobots and it Transformed... 

***DISCLAIMER, I DO NOT OWN TRANSFORMERS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO HASBRO AND MICHAEL BAY FILMS. THANK YOU. I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTER BAILEE (Bailee is me. I wanted to base the story on me because I love Transformers and I love all of the Autobots. Any problems with this story being based off me, I will change the name to something else). THANKS FOR READING. ENJOY!***

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Snivylover489 Snivylover489 Apr 19, 2017
I already nearly cried reading another fan fic. I do t need to almost cry again
ShiftChanger ShiftChanger Jun 16, 2016
                              SAVE THE CHILDREN!
                              ITS ALIVEEE!!
                              *runs around screaming*
ShiftChanger ShiftChanger Jun 16, 2016
Just started reading this, wasn't expecting to cry so hard,
                              Damint! Why everything soo emotional!
secret_camerondallas secret_camerondallas Jan 17, 2017
What the actual heck! Im done. You literally just exclaimed my whole effing outfit. Thats amazeballs!!!
19LingeringMedix 19LingeringMedix Dec 09, 2014
You know, I'm attached to your story but instead of doing a canon's POV do a 3rd. I realize that it's just easier considering how we don't know the canon as much