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The Billionaire's Daughter

The Billionaire's Daughter

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Dip076 By Dip076 Completed

Sheltered in great wealth, kindness and love, the world seems almost too perfect for Audrey Duvée Dane's liking yet with all this she's trapped in blissful frustration as she longs for the real world. But as the daughter of Michael Dane, an insanely famous billionaire, it is only normal that she is given an exaggerated amount of kindness by most people and sometimes its quite undeserving and very cunning.  As if Audrey's lucky stars have heard her, all this will change when Radar Kales- a juvenile- is accepted into the Dane's Manor as a long time guest. With his dirty mouth and maybe a little attitude to add with it he MIGHT just satisfy her in maybe one to many ways.... But how will this happen? I mean come on, people. Its a juvenile and the billionaire's daughter we're talking about here!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SNEEK PEEK  “AH!!!” I let out a scream stumbling down on the rug. There’s a person on my freakin’ balcony! “AHHHH!!!” My eyes scan from his dark hair down to his shoes. We definitely haven’t met before. “AHHH!!!!” I look back up to see his handsome face. “AHHH!!!!” Oh mi gosh he is so hot! Well, that’s what my last scream was for. I shut my mouth looking at him in both horror and awe. Who the heck is he? He points inside my room and I shake my head. No way am I letting him in. He taps on the window with his hand then points to my desk. Slowly, I get up from the floor and look to see my phone buzzing. Oh mi gosh, its dad! I look up to him with wide eyes hoping his other mates didn’t take my daddy. Instantly, I pick my phone up with fear prickling all over my skin. “DADDY! Oh mi gosh, are you all right? Did they take you? Are you hurt? Where are you? Oh mi gosh, dad is this you? There’s a boy by my window! I promise dad he’s not my boyfriend and he’s by my freaking window!”  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  BTW, there's a bit comedy in it... that is, if you laugh easily O.o

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- - Jul 01, 2014
I can't wait to see what you have up you sleeve with this story it's really good so far
xpeachpandax xpeachpandax Aug 08, 2013
On your summary I think you mention to say 'juvenile delinquent' instead of 'juvenile' :) otherwise I like it!
isytheblondie1 isytheblondie1 Oct 25, 2012
third person interesting... I definitely felt lyk ur writing flowed and over all it was well good but there were just a couple parts that didn't have enough description and then they're were parts that were maybe overly described if possible
                              it definitely caught my attention anyways :D voted ^^
writer97 writer97 Oct 24, 2012
@maxiniquecast Awesome. Well I can't wait to read more. I'm sure it'll all make sense soon enough :)
Dip076 Dip076 Oct 24, 2012
@writer97 Well, usually I like to start with confusing people hehe >:)) but you'll get it eventually. Details about the characters will come out gradually within the next chapters. I'll reveal who they are and what they do soon... so keep reading!!! 
                              Editing... ah later! haha anyway, thank you!!! :D
writer97 writer97 Oct 22, 2012
@maxiniquecast haha ok. I know i never like having to redo or add in extra bits to my work. i want it to be right the first time! When I saw a new post I was immediately interested. A new story, whoo!
                              Btw it sounds awesome. :)