Anna Black The Girl Who Lived Book 3 (to be edited)

Anna Black The Girl Who Lived Book 3 (to be edited)

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Spoilers ahead! If you haven't read the first two books, please get off this page and go read them! 

A lot has happened in the past two years for Anna and Harry. They saved the stone, Anna opened the chamber, and they both had defeated Voldemort twice. So this summer should be a nice break for them, right? Especially for Anna, who's supposed to go to Paris with Hermione. But the unexpected happens. I guess you'll have to read the story to find out more ;) 

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Okay they're best friends yet they kissed but they're not dating yet why!!! Are they like friends with benefits or something......
                              BUT I STILL SHIP IT!!!! OTP!!
-noahscentineos -noahscentineos Mar 29, 2017
I mean they're 13, that's not that bad 
                              Us, Phandom, we freaking ship Devan!?!! Two toddlers!!
Dynamiteblack12 Dynamiteblack12 Aug 13, 2017
I WANNA KNOW THOSE WAYS so... I CALL DIBS ON KNOWING FIRST cause i can know how to protect me self. Also that line is AWESOME. like anyone here is like if i get kidnapped im like 99.99% gonna remember this phrase and say it.
boksungah boksungah Jun 11, 2017
Wait.. Aren't they related? Coz, Harry is Sirius's Godfather? Omg.. My brain is a Mush..
SlythendorSeeker3 SlythendorSeeker3 Jul 14, 2017
After the two books, Is Anna british? Something isn't clear to me.
princessleahistrash princessleahistrash Jun 11, 2017
Lowkey just skipped the first two books so I dunno if something happened in second year that I should know about....?
                              POTTERHEADS HELP