Anna Black The Girl Who Lived Book 3 (to be edited)

Anna Black The Girl Who Lived Book 3 (to be edited)

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This is the third book in the Anna Black series, so if you haven't, please read the previous two stories.

A lot has happened in the past two years for Anna and Harry. They saved the stone, Anna opened the chamber, and they both had defeated Voldemort twice. So this summer should be a nice break for them, right? Especially for Anna, who's supposed to go to Paris with Hermione. But the unexpected happens. I guess you'll have to read the story to find out more ;) (Like I say every time, I'm awful at summaries)

Queen JK Rowling owns original Harry Potter characters and plots

danisaur922 danisaur922 Jun 22
Put your head inside a shirt, usually you can still see light through the holes so unless the black bag was made out of leather, which dear God I hope not, you would still see some light so when you start seeing spots you could still tell slightly.
It's a good thing I'm reading this after it was completed XD
Does tht mean they're together or....
                              are they friends with benefits
Booknerd684 Booknerd684 May 15
Finally ! you've come to your senses and made Peyton List Anna ! Thank You !
_fightinggravity _fightinggravity Dec 10, 2015
Dude, at least let them have their kiss in the fifth book, then Anna finds out that he kissed Cho... bleh, bleh,bleh!
TheTeenyTinyAuthor TheTeenyTinyAuthor Aug 07, 2015
LET GO OR I WILL HURT YOU IN WAYS THAT HAVN'T BEEN INVENTED YET. Known her for three books; classic anna