Breaking Boundaries •jb•

Breaking Boundaries •jb•

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When Hazel Lopez falls into the arms of Justin Bieber on a busy New York sidewalk, it's no secret that with one gaze at each other they're intrigued.

Meeting at a charity ball not more than a week later could coincidentally be fate; however they soon find themselves falling for each other...

Fast, hard and deep into a pool of burning lust.

Sparks turn to fire, fire to cravings, cravings to desire and desire to memories.

But what do you do when you realise that the one whose lips burn your skin with kisses is soon going to be your boss?

You break boundaries of more ways than one.

But when you do consequences follow.


**Graphic violence and mature themes throughout, read at your own risk**

••••Chapter 11 is the first chapter that is locked because of R rated content, to read it: Make sure you are following me first, remove the book from your library before re adding it and log in and out••••

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Bahaha it snowed in my town the other week (not even that much) and everyone was driving so slowly and I was 1 hour late to school because of a small amount of snow 😂