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A Precious Gift From My Worst Enemy

A Precious Gift From My Worst Enemy

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alyfromthe90s By alyfromthe90s Updated Sep 27, 2016

"What the fuck..." Olivia could hear the barely audible voice surfacing in her mind as she began to wake up. Sunlight stung the backs of her eyelids, causing her to blink. A sting in her throat kept her from swallowing easily. She turned to the side where she heard the voice and her eyes focused on a guy, who was shirtless, and in the same bed as her. 
"Oh no..." she whispered as a painful sensation made its presence known. This can't be happening. I'm a good girl. I don't screw up, Olivia thought as she stared in horror at the figure beside her. Abruptly she stood up taking the navy blue sheets with her. Exposing the guy she also saw the dark red stain in the centre of the bed. She groaned aloud. 
 "What have you done?" he shouted as he frantically tried to pull on his boxers. 
"What have I done? You did this!" she countered unsure of what really happened.
"Do you even remember?" her silence spoke volumes, "There, then nothing happened, we just fell asleep..."
"Naked? And if that's not enough evidence look at the bed..." she drifted off ashamed and watched his eyes focus on the bed. 
"Oh man, my sheets!"
"This is not about your sheets!" Olivia yelled angrily as she moved around the room and picked up her clothes from the night before. Don't panic. It's okay. Maybe it isn't what we think it is, she tried calming herself as she awkwardly put on her underwear and dress. Dropping the sheet she made her way to the doorway and disappeared out of his bedroom. Swallowing three times she found her purse and coat beside the front door of the apartment. 
"We're not even going to talk about this?"
"There's nothing to talk about!" Olivia shouted as she held her purse and shoes in one hand and slammed the door on the approaching figure.

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