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New Life (Link x Reader x Dark Link x BEN)

New Life (Link x Reader x Dark Link x BEN)

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated Jun 11, 2016

                                                                THIS IS NOT A PART 2

        ~Your P.O.V.~
        I was just on the internet listening to music and talking to cleverbot. "Come on BEN prove to me you're real." I growled as I tried to get Cleverbot to be evidence that BEN DROWNED is real... Nothing. Just the same 'How did he drown?' response every time I sent 'BEN DROWNED'. This is getting fusterating. 
        I then froze. Feeling as though I was being watched. My pointed ears started twitching as I heard someone singing Come Little Children. What's going on? I'm not a little kid, but then again you don't have to be young to hear the song. IT'S ON THE INTERNET! I glanced at my laptop and noticed my YouTube tab had been closed. 
        I started slowling making my way downstairs, not waking my parents. They too had pointed ears like me, like my cousins, and friends... My friends though th...

                              ill stop now I am sorry
extreme_art extreme_art Jun 17
*putd my alice and wonderland shirt on ( i do have one thats said "we are all mad here") BITCH YESSSS
extreme_art extreme_art Jun 17
Currently me whrn my mom is up at 3:00 am from work and she is watching tv.... >:(
I find this kinda funny...
                              Isn't there a creepypasta named Alice Liddell?
I remember reading this when I was 12 and I was almost turning 13
DemonishSebastian DemonishSebastian Nov 14, 2016
When you dont have that many friends so you just use some black butler names at the F/N