Lose Yourself (Narry)

Lose Yourself (Narry)

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Narry By _narryscondom Completed

Harry Styles had been a professional football player ever since he had turned eighteen. He had played on the same team with the same people for three full years. That all changed when a teammate and close friend gets severely injured, causing for replacement.

Niall Horan is the new guy, and right from the start, Harry couldn't stand him. Niall was an amateur player, an amazing one at that, and Harry felt threatened by his skills. Harry gives him a hard time throughout every practice before Niall's first official game.

After months of playing with Niall and really getting to know him, Harry realises Niall is practically perfect. Not only does he have good looks and amazing skills, but he also had a fantastic personality and the singing voice of an angel. Harry knew he was falling in love with Niall, and he was prepared to win his heart.

(One Direction does not exist as a band in this fan fiction. They are all talented football players on the same team.)

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narryosrealfornow narryosrealfornow Dec 22, 2017
Yall for the longest I thought this was Niall I feel so dumb
taeggukvevo taeggukvevo Jul 26, 2016
i quit wattpad for months but came back for this  im a slut for this story
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I'm literally reading your stories right now instead of doing homework because they're so fooking fabulous.
Imadirectioner4lif Imadirectioner4lif Oct 26, 2014
Is that it?!? Da fuq you think you are leaving me hanging like that?! W-w-what?!?! 
                              Better be off hold otherwise....
HeavenlyHarryHoran HeavenlyHarryHoran Oct 15, 2014
I love this story, when do you think you'll take it off hold