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They Don't Know (Thug Love Story)

They Don't Know (Thug Love Story)

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conniesha By conniesha Completed

21 year old Brittany has been through a tough time in her life. From getting kicked out by her mother to having a baby. But she doesn't regret having her 4 year old daughter Harmony. All she is focused on is her daughter. 

21 year old Carter is cold hearted person. He doesn't care about nobody but his 5 year old son and family(momma,sister). He loves his son dearly but it's another thing about his baby Mama (First love). 

What happens when Carter and Brittany comes across each other? Will Brittany find love? Or will Carter have other thoughts?

Guaperella_ Guaperella_ Mar 04, 2016
Oh hell nawwww hate when books start off with "hey my name is"
that1blackgirl18 that1blackgirl18 Jul 07, 2016
Naw get you that that 24 pack of crayons and boy you'd be pimpin pimpin
Guaperella_ Guaperella_ Mar 04, 2016
Not trying to be rude but this sounds like your typical urban story. Young girl meets big time drug dealer & they fall in love lmao
dontgiva_fvck dontgiva_fvck May 31, 2016
I usually hate people with orange hair ( cuz they usually are ratchet and ugly) but she looks hella sexy with it😍😍😘
dejah_knott dejah_knott Nov 22, 2016
Damn how we gone find him cause it's a lot of niggas that's tall and got dreads buttttt I love that 😩😩
KariBarbie KariBarbie Jan 10
I've never been so disappointed in african american....kmsl😖😭