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Love Thy Uncle

Love Thy Uncle

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love_monkey By BriyannaIngram Updated Jun 07, 2015

Have you ever loved someone so much but knew it was worng? I know where your comming from because I love my uncle and this is my story. It all started when i was little..........


"Uncle" the little me and my brother screamed my dad took us to vist my uncle today and I'm sooooo happy about it.

"Hey there little guys"he smiled and picked us up then set us down.

"Why dont you guys go play while me and your dad catch up?"

"Ok" we screamed and ran to play. We were in the middle of playing swords and I accidentally knocked a vase, in the hall, down and shattered everywhere.

"Oooooooo dads going to be mad"

"But if I tell him its was a accident he wont be mad right?"

"Yeah!" Boy was I wrong dad was furious and he smack me hard.

"Stupid boy I do not have money for you to go around breaking things." Turns out my uncle did not like that to much.

"Hey! Do not hit him!" My uncle said more like screamed at my dad.

*Flashback over*

Well they go in a huge fight and in the end m...

That guy have 10packs wtf if I was a boy like I will be falling in love with my uncle😊😍
TiluilaihZhuravlev TiluilaihZhuravlev Apr 21, 2016
I'm scared of the cover. I've never seen that many abs in my life
BriyannaIngram BriyannaIngram Nov 20, 2014
@alexandjakey bby boy uk I wouls hvw created this story for u nd yo uncle but ur welcome
BriyannaIngram BriyannaIngram Nov 09, 2014
@LanieRashell I hope you do enjoy it. I didnt mean to say dnt sorry
BriyannaIngram BriyannaIngram Nov 09, 2014
@LanieRashell well I hope u dnt enjoy it. lets say just say the sences may not be exactly hw it happen but this story is true.
LanieRashell LanieRashell Nov 07, 2014
this sounds like its going to be a very interesting story cant wait to read it