Mates with Alpha Maddox

Mates with Alpha Maddox

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(C O M P L E T E D) Maddox Franco is the Alpha of the Howlers pack. He is 22 and still hasn't found his mate. He became ruthless because he thinks that he hasn't found his mate because something happened to her since it is extremely rare for werewolf to find their mates after they turn 18 so he thinks that his might be dead.

Jayda Donovan is the daughter of the Beta of the Howlers pack. She lived with her human mom because Her dad found his mate when she was 10 and left her mom and her. She is now 18 and still hasn't found her mate but that all changes when her mom dies. She moves back with her dad and finds out she is mates with Alpha Maddox.

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I HATE flip flops. Everyone is staring on your feet like "what, do you have foot fetish?! are they SO intresting? Don't stare you meatball!" 
                              I mean seriously just listen at the name "FLIP FLOP". The word "flop" says everything!
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Well you're definitely not a sociopath I'll tell you that🙄
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Btw...all of u that are like duh...if u read the intro to the book and what it's about he's 22 and most wolves find there mate at 18 especially alphas...he thought his mate was dead because it had been 4 years
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Aww....I seriously feel like I've read this but it's not in my "already read" thing so guess who's rereading👏😂
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Aww everyone like nah really and I'm over here like he's just happy he has a mate and it's sweet