After discovering that the Falroni army has invaded and is attacking the palace, Guin must seek help from the neighboring royal family.  She'll have to avoid the two Falroni soldiers following her, avoid vicious beasts, and convince the royal family to listen to her, if she can even get an audience to see them.  Will she be able to get the help for her country in time or will she find herself and her country in more trouble than she can handle?
I'm in love with it already! It really caught my attention! Thank you for sharing this on Wattpad! :)
Just started reading this, and it's got my full attention. 
                                    I love the fantasy genre and this is a great  example, of why. 
                                    Great job, love the descriptions =)
@JoElizabeth2810, Thanks for finding those typos.  I fixed both of them.  I could read it a million times and my eyes would still miss them.  There will be more flash backs throughout the story to provide insight into other characters, as well as Guin.