The Dictators' Guide to Good Housekeeping

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Valerie Wallace By valeriemw Completed
Collection of 10 poems for entry in the 2012 Atty Awards.
    (The cover photo is a detail from "Ein klein nachtmusik" by Dorthea Tanning. Tate Collection, London).
Solo está en inglés que mal por ese lado no creen además no se deja  arreglar
Reminded me of my bout of chicken-pox and especially the feeling of being isolated.
                                    I am saving you other poems for later :-).
Thankyou for the confidence and determination Sharing you stories and leaving your mark on our minds. God Bless;)
Amazing, this first poem takes me back to when I had the chicken pox as a child, being kept in the dark for days on end. Wonderful piece of writing!!!!
Reading again for the second time.  Terrible (my emotional response).  Good poem.
A haunting poem. I'm glad I never said shut up to my child. I'm glad that now that he's an adult and if he were to be on the brink he wouldn't be able to conjure up memories of an unkind word or a slip of the tongue out of selfishness on my part. That would haunt me more that this poem does.