My Sexy Alpha Mate

My Sexy Alpha Mate

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Samara4144 By Samara4144 Updated Jan 02, 2016

"S-stop... Please..." I shielded my face from whoever was in front of me. I was scared shitless, and I had no idea how I got to where I was. The last thing I remembered was saying goodbye to my friends after school ended.


 I looked down and saw that  I was in my school uniform, consisting of a plaid skirt with a tight collared top, wrapped in a tie. I didn't have the best shoes either-- I had to wear long socks with some heels. The school principal said we should treat school as a privilege, so we had to dress in fancy attire to suit her statement. 

I tried to gather my senses and detect where I was, but my energy was drained.

Then I heard someone breathing, and I froze. When I slowly looked up, I couldn't breathe.

He was smirking, looking up and down my body. I immediately looked away, knowing my face was too warm. I tried to summon the natural elements of Mother Nature around  me, but I was too weak to use my powers. I helplessly felt him closing in on me, his eyes begg...

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JustineAnne13 JustineAnne13 Nov 27, 2016
Reading this part, and listening to Freak-Little Mix, lol😂
shadowbuni shadowbuni Jun 12, 2016
Hell to no I will not go in your car I'm not like the other girl be like a guy ask me to is car let me come with you a wwek later they rape and death I be like that what you get
-sighsyd -sighsyd Dec 26, 2015
I wonder if she knows that her mate... is she human or a werewolf??
-sighsyd -sighsyd Dec 26, 2015
Heels..... I barley wear them! Who needs heels anyway!  Heels, hahahah! Heels..
JaynaGullic JaynaGullic Oct 22, 2015
Why high heels? I mean I would get in trouble everyday because I can't walk in them I fall if I take no less the 2 inches. I would wear sneakers or hightops
angelesmayorga angelesmayorga Aug 18, 2015
I say there is more lust in him then a hundred horny teenage males. I mean that's here mate and shes wearing nothing but a bra and panties.