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Adopted By The Cullen's

Adopted By The Cullen's

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ally By amcd47 Completed

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Sophie is perfect, or so everyone thinks. She has long, curly red velvet hair, a perfect smile, a photographic memory, is an amazing dancer and everyone loves her. No one could find a single thing bad about her. But that's because Sophie is good at hiding things. Sophie lost her mom when she was little, her dad is fighting in a war and she, her older brother and her younger sister were left alone in an orphanage. She's depressed. She cuts, she's anorexic and she's also anemic. But none of that is the worst part. Sophie is dying. She has cancer.  As if by chance she meets Jace Cullen and starts to fall in love with the odd boy who's not like anyone she's ever met and who claims to be a vampire. But Sophie never believed in fairy tales. So what happens if she finds out Jace is telling the truth? What if Jace's family isn't just interested in her because of Jace? What if Renesmee wasn't the only child Bella and Edward had?

Calysia_Gaming Calysia_Gaming Aug 14, 2016
I always have that feeling that someone's watching me, which obviously someone isn't but I still hallucinate! It's weird...
MagicalCheeseball MagicalCheeseball Aug 16, 2016
No pffence, but it makes sense the Cullen's daughter is a perfect white goody-goody.
theshadowhunter_756 theshadowhunter_756 Jun 03, 2016
I half expected him to be like, "I'm Jace by the way. Jace Wayland."
Can I live there? I love all those things, and reading though....
hi_im_charlie hi_im_charlie Jan 24, 2016
I need to go to this school screw writing and maths i hate maths