Smith Academy (also known as Sex Academy)

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Welcome to Sex Academy. 
    Sex Academy.
    R-17 (English)
I love Miley too btw and yes you are the hater cause you are hating on us
I only don't like how she acts she has great music but she's like Miley she doesn't think before she does or says something and you need to learn that I DONT CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY..... She said she hates america
If you think ariana is terrible then you're also obviously a hater and a dumbäss @Fanfrick
Girls girls break it up Ariana is terrible she said she hates America but still why fight about her
Magcon fam has told Thotison Beer this a million times, but she never listens
I'm not naive. I'm optimistic. Even though I doubt you know what that means